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By | January 29, 2016

Viral Autobots

Viral Autobots is THE FIRST & ONLY WEB BASED SOFTWARE to find, upload, schedule & monetize the VIRAL CONTENT on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube for your Facebook fan pages, shooting your organic reach ($ bank balance) into the MILLIONS. You can purchase Viral Autobots for $49 here during pre launch (That’s a 67% discounted lifetime licence plus receive over 30 bonuses worth more than $5,000!! – See Below) 

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Time is money and you don’t have enough of either, do you? Posting sales pitches or videos to generate likes on Facebook can occupy your whole week, with little to show for it in the end. But you need to harness the power of social media and digital technology in order to compete and succeed. So what do you do? Social media moves so fast you cannot possibly vie for attention without leveraging your own high-tech solutions, and if you are an entrepreneur or small business you cannot invest in IT infrastructure and hire a team of computer programming engineers.

Fortunately, now there is a cutting-edge technological solution that can literally boost your Facebook traffic overnight and anyone can do it. Imagine deploying software tonight and waking up tomorrow with tons of new “likes” from people everywhere who are talking about your Facebook posts. Wouldn’t that be phenomenal?

Viral Autobot  software is making it happen for people just like you, right now. How is that possible? As you know, a computer can search through millions of bits of data in a matter of seconds. When powered by the right kind of intentionally programmed software, your autobot can constantly harvest or collect the most viral, engaging, and popular video posts from around the world. Then the software automatically and instantly posts those same videos to your Facebook page, where millions of people can see them and share them to make your Facebook page also go viral. Here is a video explaining how it works:

Autobots are automated search robots, like the ones used by Google and Yahoo. They never stop working and never sleep, which is how they can multiply your Facebook likes 24/7. While you are working at your job, attending school, playing with your children, out with friends at a restaurant, or sound asleep in your bed, autobot sales software is running nonstop to get you instant results. Best of all, the marketing strategy is absolutely free, because you are just posting original viral content – not copies or links, but the actual videos – to your Facebook pages. You’re able to leverage the speed and power of Viral Autobots software to capture Facebook likes from around the planet with the most attractive videos in circulation.Viral-Autobots-Reviews-Bonuses

That’s the key to capturing the power of the Internet and social media like Facebook – which is used by more than one and a half billion people who could be your customers. Even if only a fraction of those users buy just one of your products, you could be earning a six-figure income – without making any big investments or doing any extra work.

Think about this for a moment. Last year the top viral video on YouTube, featuring a child dancing around, received more than 115 million views. There are about 300 million people living in the United States, so 115 million of a third of the U.S. population. Eighty-three million people, which is 10 times the number of people in the entire city of New York, watched the second most viral video. There was even a silly and funny video of a man putting himself inside a water balloon  that has gotten nearly 50 million views. That’s more than twice the population of the whole continent of Australia.


You don’t have to be a mathematician or have a degree from Harvard Business School to understand that the more people see you and your products, the more leads and customers you’ll have. That can attract people like a sales magnet to exponentially raise exposure to your brand and products and accelerate your revenues. So what are you waiting for? While you have been reading this article a billion and a half people have been ready to view your Facebook posts. Anyone can afford Viral Autobots software, but can you afford not to use it in today’s fiercely competitive and extremely profitable e-commerce world? Get started now, by clicking on this link to Viral Autobots and find out how you can put your Facebook posts on autopilot to grow your business and your sales starting today.

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Once you purchase Viral Autobots you will receive an email with the link to claim your bonuses. If for any reason you don’ receive an  email, just send your receipt to Admin@computernetworkadvantages.com or leave a comment below and I will send them to you directly. Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions, I’m always here to help.


Social Lead Freak  Bonus

Social Lead Freak

Social Lead freak

Social Lead Freak

Social Lead Freak

Social Lead Freak BOnus

 Viral Autobots


Fan Page Money Method Review

Fan Page Money Method Review

Fan Page Money Method Review


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Viral Autobots




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