Social Lead Freak Review

By | July 21, 2015

Social Lead Freak Review

Hey Guys, so I wanted to take some time and write a post about the new lead generating software called Social Lead Freak.

Social lead freak is a powerful piece of software that scrapes leads (User IDs) from niche specific Facebook groups, events, people, pages, posts, and even google + activities! It makes the internet marketer’s job of searching for interested people (leads), a hell of a lot easier and quicker. In this article I will review Social Lead Freak and give you guys a little tutorial on the software and its power.

Social Lead Freak was developed in adobe air so it is compatible with both windows and mac. It has 3 different options up for purchase:

Social Lead Freak Light ($97) – 1 License Key

Social Lead Freak Standard ($147) – 3 License Keys

Social Lead Freak Pro ($247) – Unlimited License Keys

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To receive all the bonuses at the bottom of the page just purchase social lead freak through any link on this page and we’ll send you over $ 1,000 worth in bonuses! (Which is over 30 different digital products and eBooks).


Ali G, the software producer, is also offering 3 killer bonuses that come with the purchase of Social Lead Freak.

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Social Lead Freak Free ReviewSocial Lead Freak Review2

As you know marketing through Facebook and Google Plus is a really hot topic right now. After all they are the largest social platforms in the world with over 1 billion users! It’s easy to see the potential it has in the marketing industry

Social Lead Freak can get 1000s of targeted leads in a matter of minutes to use in your marketing campaigns. This enables you to keep your list fresh and keep sales up.

To be honest, social lead freak is the best tool I’ve ever used to generate tons of leads. Not too long ago I would find leads on Facebook by searching groups and pages relative to my niche. I would typically get about 10 – 15 leads a day by posting in groups and on pages. Some would generate sales and some wouldn’t, the point is I was happy with that. But now I’m generating thousands of leads a day just through Facebook with no effort at all.

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How to Use Social Lead Freak

Social Lead Freak is a straight forward piece of software, making it very simple to use. It’s the power it comes packed with that really does it justice.

  • First thing to do is connect your Facebook and Google+ accounts to the application.
  • Once logged in you can choose to search groups, events, places, pages, posts, people, and Google activities, based on keywords you choose.
  • After the software is finished scraping you will be left with a list of user ids of people who where in groups you targeted.
  • You then export the list and are able to use Facebook Ads Power editor to upload to custom audiences.


When promoting products, it takes a lot of time and money to find targeted leads in your niche. Social Lead Freak takes away these factors and allows you to always have fresh new lists of targeted leads in your niche market.

The Software does come with a pretty hefty price tag of $247 (only $97 for the “Lite” Version). But then again it’s a one-time payment, and it is much cheaper than CPC or Solo ads while giving you even more targeted leads. Social Lead Freak will definitely save you time and advertising expenses.

Social Lead Freak Download

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Social Lead Freak 30 day


There is also a 30 day money back guarantee on the product to so if it doesn’t satisfy your needs you can just return it. But I doubt you’ll want to.


Once you purchase Social Lead Freak you will receive an email with the link to claim your bonuses. If for any reason you don’ receive an  email, just send your receipt to or leave a comment below and I will send them to you directly. Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions, I’m always here to help.

Video Retargeter Bonus

Social Lead Freak  Bonus

Social Lead Freak

Social Lead freak

Social Lead Freak

Social Lead Freak

Social Lead Freak BOnus

 Social Lead Freak Review


Fan Page Money Method Review

Fan Page Money Method Review

Fan Page Money Method Review


Purchase Social Lead Freak and also receive these bonuses FREE!

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