Profit Penguin Review – Discount & Bonus (Best)

By | June 2, 2015

Profit Penguin Review

A new piece of software was released today called Profit Penguin. It seems to be causing a lot of hype so I thought we could look into it and see what the hype is about.

Profit Penguin is a web based, service arbitrage app that simplifies the process of finding and matching outsourcers to businesses.

In this article I will review profit penguin and ultimately establish whether or not it’s worth the $47 price tag.

If you decide you want to purchase Profit Penguin I am offering a ton of bonuses for those who purchase through here. (See Below)


Profit Penguin Review: About

Every day businesses are looking for service providers, and service providers are looking for business. There are entire websites devoted to buyers and sellers of services. To name a few…..


People per Hour

Project 4 Hire



Seo Clerks

Profit Penguin is integrated with all of the above marketplaces allowing you to find or sell work very easily through ONE platform.

It makes finding and matching service providers to businesses looking for them super easy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a service provider or if you want to broker deals between providers and businesses

Service Providers….

If you’re a Service provider you can sell more services within a day. Profit Penguin takes almost all the time out of finding people that want your services. NO more scrolling through websites searching for consumers!

Business Owners…

If you’re a business owner you will speed up the process of finding service providers Profit Penguin is perfect…

Or you want to Broker the deals…..

Look for businesses searching for service, hook them up with the right service provider and receive a commission as the middleman

Profit Penguin has the power and ease of use to handle it all!

Watch Demo Video  Here

Profit Penguin Review: Features

  • User Friendly – Easy use dashboard for quick result
  • Access Anywhere – Profit Penguin is web-based
  • Both PC and MAC compatible
  • Unlimited Users – no complicated licensing
  • Export Capabilities – Export data to a spreadsheet

Profit Penguin Review: Bonuses

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