My Honest Traffic Monopoly Review + Killer Bonuses

By | April 21, 2015


Hey Everyone

Traffic Monopoly may be released today, and after hearing all the hype about it I had to grab myself a copy. So I thought I would review it with you guys. I purchased the software for only $27 and got 3 wicked bonuses with it. (Look below to see bonuses) Here is the link to the sales page:

What is Traffic Monopoly?

Traffic Monopoly is a training course and resource that gets you highly targeted customer traffic from under-utilized options. Instead of struggling to build traffic through most competitive sources on the net, Traffic Monopoly makes it possible to get customers on demand without worrying about competition.

Traffic Monopoly Takes us into the email marketing game and uses solo ad vendors to build our own email list quickly and get tones of leads. Your new traffic source will include highly targeted proven customers.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this untapped, noncompetitive traffic source, you’re eyes are going to be opened up to a whole new light in internet marketing. And for those who know it well, the discounts that are given to the members of traffic monopoly are just way too good to pass up. Here is the video…


 What does Traffic Monopoly Come With?

The Top Solo Add Vendors in the Industry

Being well versed with Solo ads and Email Marketing, what gave me the most value was the Section providing all the top Solo Ad venders in the industry and special discounts only available to Members! I mean, every solo ad vender listed has special offers only available to us!  After my fist campaign I had already saved more money than the Traffic Monopoly software costs! ($27.00)

If you know anything about Solo ads…it’s that you have to be very careful and make sure to choose the right vendors that are going to give you quality, targeted traffic.

Traffic Monopoly takes all the guess work out of it and provides us with the best. And the fact that all the solo ad venders provide discounted pricing for anyone who it a member of Traffic Monopy …well that just amazed me. So once you buy one solo ad, you just paid for the software! I didn’t even know this before I bought it, so you imagine how ecstatic I was.

Traffic Monopoly Review: Resources

Traffic Monopoly also comes with free resources to get your campaigns set up quickly:

1. Ready-to-Use Turnkey Email Campaigns

Traffic Monopoly provides you with tested to be high converting email swipes for your solo ads. Just fill in the link and name and you’re ready to go. These are the same email templates that you will pass over to your venders

2. Plug & Go Landing Page Templates

Access our library of “ready-to-go” landing page templates! We’ve also included some kick-ass headline designs that you can easily customize!


Traffic Monopoly Review: Training Courses

Traffic Monopy Comes with 3 in-depth training courses that will get you well on your way to success.

3. In depth Video Training

Start by watching this core in-depth video training to get an understanding of why using Solo Ads as a form of traffic generation is so powerful. This will bring you up to speed so that you can move on and start putting the training into action. Please do not skip this video

4. Awesome Traffic Deal Closing Scripts

A template of necessary questions to ask when booking campaigns. These questions are a MUST guideline for every campaign.

5. REAL Solo Ad Conversations

These are real conversations that we have had to negotiate some awesome deals. Use them as a guide to how to do it the right way

6. Precision Tracking & Conversions

Step-by-step video training you will discover tracking that pinpoints where the money comes from in your campaigns. We also run down the important information to pay attention to when analyzing the data. Without this step you could be wasting a lot of marketing dollars!

Traffic Monopoly Review: Bonuses

You will also see 3 amazing bonuses after you purchase the product in the members area:

7.  13 Deadly Sins (In-House Blueprint)

This report uncovers secrets to getting the BEST results. It’s complete with our 3 WAY “Profit” Multiplier that guarantees WINNING every time. Includes a checklist too

8. Ultra High Converting Industry Leaders Email Campaigns

Swipe our TOP vendor’s highest converting Subject Lines & Email Swipes

9. Notorious Funnel Hacks

Accidental discovery that QUADRUPLES sales almost immediately. It’s super simple, yet HIGHLY effective.


And if all that isn’t enough to convince you that Traffic Monopoly is worth the price tag of only $27….

Traffic Monopoly Comes with a 30 day money back Guarantee! Click the link below to Purchase Traffic Monopoly Now and get these awesome bonuses!


Download-Now-2Claim Your Bonuses 



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