Screencast Pro Review

By | February 25, 2015

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Hey Guys,Joey-Xoto-Lonnaylor-ScreenCast-PRO

Screencast Pro has been released by Joey Xoto and Lon Naylor. If you haven’t heard of them, they are the video guys that that everyone goes to for video creation training.

Screencast Pro is Joey Xoto’s and Lon Naylor’s personal “black book” loaded with all the tips, tricks, and techniques they have used over the years to generate millions of dollars.

But that’s not all…They also include a whole bunch of ready-made templates worth $1,000s of dollars.

The training videos and tutorials that come with Screencast Pro are so detailed and thrall; completely incomparable to Techsmith, the markers of Camtasia.

If you have Camtasia, and never use it, or have been curious about getting it, these are the guys you want to talk to. They will show you how to create killer videos that convert!

Screencast Pro Review Includes:

  1. Screencast Pro Camtasia Training for Marketers – $199 Value
  2. Screencast Pro DFY Template Package – $499 Value
  3. Graphics Pack Bonus – $199 Value
  4. Script Writing Bonus – $199 Value
  5. PowerPoint Tips Bonus – $199 Value

Total Package Value:$1,195.00
Limited Time Offer: $27

UPDATE: Grab your bonus here! (best bonus I could find)

Screencast Pro Review:

  • Create beautiful, high-converting VSLs in minutes. Save WEEKS of time and THOUSADS of dollars on outsourcing.
  • Convert higher than ever before. Our VSLs are proven to boost conversion by 50%, or more.
  • Reach new audiences. Video is surging in popularity because people love it (especially the ever-growing base of mobile users). Now you’ll reach new people and a market that grows larger every day.
  • Establish authority and stand out from the competition. Video immediately boosts your authority, and now you can take advantage of all of its perks in 10 minutes from now.
  • Sell videos you can be proud of for thousands; do the work in minutes. Other clients and local businesses will pay top dollar for videos of this quality, and you can be proud of what you deliver to them. Best part? It’ll take you 10 minutes or less to do any actual “work”. Nothing beats that!

And during the Grand Opening Special for Screencast Pro, you get to access exclusive, expensive bonuses, completely for free!

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Screencast Pro Review:

• You don’t need ANY technical skill.
• You don’t need ANY experience whatsoever.
• All you need is Screencast Pro, and the desire to make great things happen.
• The desire to convert at a higher rate than ever before
• Sell ultra high-quality videos to clients

Total Package Value:$1,195.00
Limited Time Offer: $27

UPDATE: Grab your bonus here! (best bonus I could find)




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