Apple IPhone 6 Release and Specs (Rumors)

By | February 13, 2014

There is lots of anticipation for the new IPhone 6 to be released, and it’s about that time when the rumors and speculations start coming out. It’s hard to say what is true, or at least believed to be true. So I have compiled a list of all the features that are said to be implemented in the new iPhone 6. I encourage you to share your thoughts!

Larger Screen DisplayApple_iPhone_6

Well I think we can all agree that the IPhone 6 is going to have a larger screen display than any other IPhone out there. If not, I’m sure there is going to be a lot of disappointed apple fans. With Android and Samsung having there priority set on large screen displays apple is getting left behind in the smartphone market.

The Question is, how big will the iPhone display screen actually be? Well early rumors suggested that it will be 4.8 inch, but more recent rumors suggest it will be 5 inch. According to MacFun, the 5 inch screen will have HD resolution of 1920×1080.

Apple has actually be testing different screen sizes and there are rumors that they might even release 2 different IPhone 6’s each having a different screen size.

IPhone 6 Size

Rumor is, the iPhone 6 is going to have the same length and width, but will be the slimmest yet. According to ETNews the iPhone 6 is going to be 6mm thick. That’s 1.6mm thinner than the IPhone 5, and 6mm thinner than the 3gs!


10-Megamixel Camera

According to the latest industry sources the iPhone 6 will be bumped up to a 10-megapixel camera and an f1.8 aperture. It is said it might also be designed for interchangeable lenses. This would allow apple to sell a serious of additional lenses with a variety of features, including optical zoom.

IPhone 6 Release Date

Nobody really knows the exact date that the iPhone 6 is going to be released, but if we look into the past we can see that Apple follows a bit of a pattern or schedule when releasing products.

It seems that apple likes to release new products on a yearly basis. So following this schedule the iPhone 6 should be released in September 2014. But we have to keep in mind that there are also other companies planning on releasing their new products soon as well. For example, Samsung is going to be releasing the Galaxy 5 in a couple months. I’m sure that Apple wants to stay in the limelight during this so they might release it early say between Match and May.

The above features is a general consensus of what the iPhone 6 is said to offer, but here are some other rumors and speculations that might be featured in the iPhone 6. Tell me what you think!


  • Curved Display Glass
  • illuminated volume buttons
  • Facial Recognition
  • Touch ID
  • A8 processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 4 Storage Options



I’m sorry to say that we will still have to wait some time for any real confirmation on the above items. Apple never lights to give away the surprise before getting real close to the release date.



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